After Event 7 - British Youth Team Open - Cliftonville
Scores last updated: 21/07/2018

Welcome to the official Youth Team England Tour Website

This website will keep you up to date with all YTE ranking lists, entry forms, tournament results, squadding lists and current scores for tournaments in the 2018 season.

The season runs from 1st January to 31st December.


  • There will be thirteen events held throughout the season between January and December.
  • A player must have played a minimum of eight from the thirteen ranking events (best eight from thirteen scores count)
  • A valid YTE Tour card and a valid BTBA card must be held.
  • On alternate seasons when the World Youth Championships are not held, the team will play in a DBU or equivalent event.
  • The player must have been born between 1st September 1997 and 31st August 2004 inclusive.

The top 3 boys and 3 girls from the 2018 Masters (in February at Shipley) will be invited to join the new U21 Team England Squad.

In addition to the above:
The 2017 Tour winners will automatically be selected to the U21 training squad.
Invitations to join the squad will also go those players who performed well in the 2017 tours and who also played in the masters or potentially from age eligible players on the Adult Team England ranking lists.

This squad will train together on the following dates:
1st Open U21 training weekend March 25th & 26th venue tbc

2nd U21 Squad members only Malta Open June 2018
All squad members will be invited to attend this session with a contribution made to the costs from Youth Team England

3rd Training Day Open U21 Training weekend September 2018 venue tbc

Junior Team England Qualification 2018 TRIPLE CROWN

The qualification rules for the Junior Team England Triple Crown team for the 2018 season are as follows:

  • The bowler must be under 21 on or before the 31st of August 2020
  • The top four bowlers in the YTE tour, boys and girls, will be invited to the form the team
  • There will be no trials event and Under 16s and Under 19s cannot qualify in the Under 21 division
  • In order to qualify, bowlers must have:
    • Played a minimum of five from the eight ranking events (best five from eight scores count)
    • Participated in the Junior National Championships
  • Should two bowlers have the same points, placing will be decided by highest average points

World Youth Championships 2018 Qualification Process

In addition to the above YTE Tour criteria the following will also form part of the qualification process:

  • The player must have been born between 1st January 1997 and 31st December 2004.

After consulting with all the stakeholders we have put together a plan in addition to the existing YTE qualification process set out above.

We are aiming to create a culture of greater understanding of the standard and training requirements of players who wish to aspire to play for the National Team.

This is an outline of the changes that will be made to the U21 2018 World championship qualification process which starts in January 2017

The intention is to let everybody know the process now so they can decide if they want to take part and more importantly understand where they need to be within their own game to be competitive at future World events.

Our aim is to make the qualification process less about playing every tournament and more about choosing your tournaments wisely and allowing time for quality training and practice.

This year will be most challenging because we are asking you to make the biggest step up but the sooner we start the sooner we will achieve more.

The first requirement will be to set an average standard that players need to achieve in the 2017 season to be considered for selection into the WYC 2018 teams

1) The Boys average is 210 The Girls average is 195

These averages are based on the averages it took to make the Masters events in the WYC over the last 10 years.

It is our belief that the minimum aim of every player from England going to World events is to make the cut for the Masters and they should be comfortable with achieving these averages.

To actually win the events in those years, it took a further 15-20 pins per game!

If you can average the number we are asking for then you will be much better equipped to mount a challenge for a medal too.

How can you achieve such a big jump in your average is the first question that comes to mind?

The answer is to up your spare game!

Now we are not just telling you that this is what you need to do.

There will be several sessions throughout the year where players can showcase their skills and there will be Coaches on hand to give knowledge and help in the skills needed to be competitive at an International level. One of these sessions will be a 2 day event on Spare shooting.

2) Play at least one EBT bronze level or above EVENT in Europe

Players need to gain as much experience as possible and there is no better way of measuring your competitive game than playing against players who perform at a higher level than you currently do.

The idea is not to expect that you will win or cash in these events but to play them for the experience of playing in another country and in a different culture. To experience the joys of travelling and having to limit the number of balls you can take with you, just like it will be when preparing for any major international event.

All of this needs to be done before your first major event not at it.

This is aimed at the older players in the age bracket.

3) Play at least one YET event in Europe

This is to give you experience of playing against players from other countries who you may face at International level

This is aimed at the younger players in the age bracket

Points 2 & 3 are not compulsory but preference will be given to those players who have the greater experience of playing abroad or against opposition from other countries.

Our aim is for one of the Team training sessions to be held in addition to the above at an International event to help with getting you used to these situations.

We do understand that it involves a greater cost to go to these events that’s why we are giving you this information now so you know what to expect and can plan ahead should you be successful in making the training squad and eventually the Team.

4) U21 Squad Training days

These days are designed to assist you in both your own learning process and to help others in theirs.

The best way to learn is to teach, you will be acting as role models for the younger players at these events as well as assisting the coaches in some of the exercises. Your interaction with others will be observed while you are taking instruction and while you are presenting it.

There will be several U21 training day events throughout the calendar from now on, it is required that you attend at least one, but know that it will be taken into consideration for those who attend more.

Cost is approx £40 per bowler per event.

The Teams (x4 boys x4 girls) will be announced as soon as possible after the end of the YTE Tour season.

The remaining players who are eligible for WYC 2019 from the Team England U21 squad will also be invited to continue training and assisting in all squad activities, this will encourage team members to continue to work hard, if it is seen that team members have taken their foot off the pedal and are not training hard enough they may be replaced at any time by another squad member.


There will not be a Masters event for the 2018 season

This is for 2 reasons

1) To stop the impression that the selections are only made on how you perform in this event, the selection decision will be made in your approach to the whole year as well as the tournament results.

2) To give us more training time

The Masters dates will become one of U21 Squad training days or the first WYC 2019 TEAM training weekend


To be considered for selection automatically, you will need to hit the average targets and have played in at least one European type event and to have attended at least one U21 Training day.

We are trying to get the best possible outcome for you to be as well prepared as you can be, BEFORE the final selections take place so we can spend more time on training you in all of the aspects required at International level once you are in the team.

We hope this will help fire up your ambition to play for England and show you a pathway to a better you and your future bowling career

Good Luck!